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American furniture makers have precious few hallmark designs that are as integrated into our modern culture as relaxing adirondack chairs. These comfy chairs sport wide armrests and a unique, pleasant, design with a slanted back and seat. In the early 20th century Thomas Lee decided to make some furniture for his large family to relax in. This was in New York state.

04 Mar 20

If you're looking for a perfect way to keep your mind sharp, piano playing is the solution. It exercises several different parts of the mind and body, while providing you with years of musical enjoyment. Whether you play piano currently or are thinking about starting, playing piano is great brain food.Our population is aging.

23 Mar 20

Choosing the right furniture for the outside of your house can be just as important, and sometimes difficult, as choosing furnishings for the inside. When furnishing your patio or yard, you should take under consideration the same factors you did when decorating your house.

10 Apr 20

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05 Sep 20
You may have limited space in your backyard to create an effective garden, but that does not mean that you cannot dream of growing your very own vegetables. The fact is that there are many ways that an individual or family can take advantage of the goodness that can only be found when you grow your own produce. Raised garden boxes are a terrific way to find some room to let your green thumb shine.
17 Oct 20
People always love hanging out in their gardens. It's a wonderful place where the family can hold celebrations, parties and get-togethers. However, garden areas may not always be functional the whole year round. Hanging out in the garden can get awfully uncomfortable during the colder months.
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20 Sep 20
Do you look around your outdoor living space and see that it is just crying for "something?" You're not sure what it is but the area just doesn't seem finished. There is actually a pretty easy way to finish your space and that is with beautiful garden finials. Use one for to make a decorative statement and for balance, you could use a pair.
22 Nov 20
The time has come to clean up that dingy patio door to let in the soft sunlight of bright days ahead. Maybe you are planning a family get-together and you want to spruce up the house for a party or barbeque? Or you just want to stop battling with the grime left behind by little hands and paws.
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