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April 24, 2020
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Choosing Outdoor Garden Fountains

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People who wish to enhance the look and feel of their garden often add outdoor fountains to their outdoor design and decor. A garden fountain adds a touch of grace and beauty to an outdoor garden wall, garden, decorated patio, or plant-populated courtyard. The look and the tinkling, silky sounds of flowing, plashing water are perfect for helping to induce relaxation or a contemplative state of mind-traits that belong in any garden setting.

Outdoor garden fountains come in many different shapes, forms, and styles. This means that you can find an outdoor fountain to blend in perfectly with your tastes, architecture, and current decor. And you definitely should take into consideration all of those aspects of your garden setting before you start considering outdoor fountains to buy.

If your tastes and current decor tend toward the ornate and elaborate, you may want an outdoor garden fountain in the shape of a lion, a gargoyle, or the Green Man, with lots of stone leaves or banners flowing all around the central image. If you want to save space but still have your graceful beauty and relaxing plashing, a wall fountain could be your perfect choice-especially if your garden is enclosed by or decorated with brick or concrete. If your garden is large and you love to stroll through it, a centrally located Balustrade Lii fountain might be just what you're looking for. It goes on and on with the choices, and it all comes down to what you want and what looks magnificent within the context of what you have.

Don't forget that you can also buy solar powered outdoor fountains these days. The subtle solar panels can add a modern touch to your garden while saving you money off of your electric bill.

Here are some more suggestions to consider from among the top-selling garden fountains these days:

*A three tier acorn water fountain made of durable fiberglass.

*An abstract art fountain which gives you a striking combination of modern-art sculpture and the soothing sound of flowing water to add drama to any outdoor space through its faux-stone cutout design.

*An abstract urn fountain that features graceful curves and sculpted silhouettes of fine modern-art fountains. Get this one in today's fashionable faux-stone finish.

*A fire wood apple barrel fountain with its waterfalls cascading down the faces of three stacked bushel baskets. This is perfect for adding a peaceful, rustic touch to your outdoor surroundings, and it's generously sized and features genuine wood trim.

*Looking for something like a tabletop fountain? Get a candle bowl outdoor fountain. With this you'll get the sparkle of falling water and the warmth of candlelight, yet it's completely safe and free from open flames. It uses LED-light technology to bring your garden a warm glow via the faux candle centerpiece in an earthenware-look bowl. It's made of polyresin and plastic and even includes river stones.

Check out these outdoor garden fountains or any other shapes, forms, and styles that may suit you.


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