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November 7, 2020
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How to Choose Great Outdoor Patio Furniture for Your Yard

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Most people end up replacing their patio furniture much too often. For some people it's almost a yearly tradidtion! If you follow a few simple guidelines, you'll be able to buy outdoor furniture that looks great and will last a very long time.

Choice of material is probably the biggest factor to think about when choosing outdoor furniture. The material is the biggest factor in determining the weather proofness of your outdoor furniture and how long it will last with minimal maintenance from you.

For those that don't want to spend much time cleaning or maintaining their patio furniture, aluminum or plastic are the best bets. Furniture made from these two materials are highly water resistant and weather proof. When they start to get dirty simply soap them up and then spray them down with a garden hose.

Cast iron and steel is another choice but they will corrode and rust unless varnished or sealed with some type of weather coating. You can also look for metal furniture that has been powder coated at the factory.

Wood on the other hand can be more of a problem. Teak is probably the best wood to choose as it is pretty weather resistant. Other woods that are used in very cheap outdoor furniture can rot or grow mold after only a few months in the rain. If you want to put the extra effort in, the waterproofing of outdoor wooden furniture can be improved by staining or varnishing each item.

Patio furniture in these materials are available in all sorts of colors, shapes and styles. Follow these guidelines and you should have no problem finding something that looks great in your yard and will also last a very long time with minimal effort.


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